Re-cycling Wheel / リ・サイクルの車輪

Masayuki Akamatsu
Re-cycling Wheel
Dedicated to Marcel Duchamp


Metal wheel with Synthetic Resin Propellers, Hub Dynamo and LED Light mounted on painted wood stool

128 x 60 x 34 cm

I would like to express my special thanks to Choi Si Young for his production support.

© 2018 Masayuki Akamatsu

Artist Statement: Recycling Whee/Roue de re-cyclage

“Re-cycling Wheel/Roue de re-cyclage” (2018) is a developed remake of Marcel Duchamp’s “Bicycle Wheel” (1913), and was produced based on the assumption that it will be installed outdoors. It is the same as the work by Duchamp, in that the front wheel of a bicycle has been attached to a wooden stool, the only difference being the resin inserted between the spokes.

This bicycle had already been used for several decades, then abandoned for a long time. Its body was covered with dirt and rust, and the saddle was split. While I was fixing the flat tires and bent spokes, I was surprised to find that the wheels could still turn. The dynamo attached to the hub of this old shopping bicycle began to generate electricity, and the lamp lit up. At that moment, an idea flashed into my mind. This is a work that is assembled from trash, and receives light from nature.


「リ・サイクルの車輪(Re-cycling Wheel/Roue de re-cyclage)」(2018)は、マルセル・デュシャンの「自転車の車輪」(1913)の発展的リメイクであり、野外に設置することを想定して制作された。木製のスツールに自転車の前輪を取り付けたのは、デュシャンの作品と同じであり、スポークの間に挟み込んだ樹脂の薄板だけが異なる。


Making of Re-cycling Wheel


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