Critical Cycling is a extracurricular group whose members enjoy cycling and explore its critique. We are active in and around IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) in Ogaki, Gifu since April 2016.


Critical Cycling Manifesto

The world is changing. As humankind welcomes the 21st century, we are rousing from a modernism heedless of balance, which has lapsed into convenience and indolence. We are finally starting to apply the brakes.

And now, due to media technology such as mobile devices, our life space has acquired a new dimension of reality intertwined with virtual infrastructure.
However, this sphere of daily existence has too high a plasticity, and its excessive creation is inclined to run amok. We require a new kind of media expression that can reconstitute our conception of unseeable space-time. In such a predicament, our slogan must be, “Restore the Balance.”

It was in the 19th century that pedals were first mounted to one of mankind’s oldest inventions, the wheel. We now seek a return to that beginning of modernism, and devote our attention to a sense of balance driven by the interaction of high technology and the body. The bicycle may become a guiding principle on the quest to discover a simple cycle linking intellect to wildness, the city to nature, and the virtual to the real. We hereby name our work “Critical Cycling” and proclaim the following principles.

Cycling is Fun
This is because human beings, in their very bodies, gain enjoyment from the groove created by the wheels, pedals, and frame. In other words, cycling is technology.

Cycling is Simple
This is because human beings, in controlling their sense of balance, gain instant insight into the commonality of faculty and habit. In other words, cycling is ethnology.

Cycling is Heuristic
This is because human beings, in guiding the handlebars and rotating the pedals, scan the world around them. In other words, cycling in ontology.

Beloved friends, let us ride, and together restart the world!

July the 31st, 2016
Drafted By Masayuki Akamatsu, Shigeru Matsui, Yasuko Imura, Akira Segawa, Yushi Yashima, Takemi Watanuki, Taiki Yuzawa, Yuki Goto

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Designed by Akira Segawa

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